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Ohio Assurance of Quality

The Ohio Assurance of Quality is our promise to you that all of our Corn Toss / Cornhole products are of the best quality, meet all of the standards and specifications of the American Cornhole Association and are offered to you at the lowest possible price.

  • All of our Corn Toss products are made from only the best materials and engineered for perfect play.

  • We use high grade half inch plywood to ensure durable construction and a long play life.

  • We use sturdy two by two supports glued and nailed to our plywood to ensure a strong foundation.

  • We do not use screws or any other visable fasteners in the cornhole surface to ensure the smoothest possible surface for the best possible play.

  • Our sets are sanded and painted to create the perfect Cornhole surface - not to slick, just right.

  • Our Corn Bags are made of high quality 12 ounce Duck Canvas and are double switched for longer play life.

Only the Best Ohio Quality and Workmanship.

Our pride in worksmanship wont let us take any short cuts. We may not make as much money as some of our competitors, but our products carry the the ACA Seal of Approval and are made to last.

We promise Ohio Quality and Worksmanship and we back it up with a one year guarantee.

We completely warranty our sets for one year. Just return the Cornhole set to us and we’ll send you a new one. No questions asked.

All of our Cornhole products carry the Official Certification of the American Cornhole Association to meet standards and specifications for quality and contruction for Official ACA Cornhole Tounament play.

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